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Ongoing projects

Since its establishment, the Frobenius-Institute was initially specialized in studies on the history and present of various African societies. Other research regions, however, have been added continuously, and the Institute's research profile currently also includes Oceania, Southeast Asia, South and Central Asia. This corresponds with the Institute's standard of being a globally oriented research institution.

                               Project Management: Prof. Dr. Martin Bartelheim (Institute for Prehistory and Early History, University of Tübingen), Prof. Dr. Roland Hardenberg (Frobenius Institute at Goethe University)

Project staff: Manuel Respondek, Elene Revert Frances

Duration: July 2021 - June 2025

Funding: DFG within the framework of the CRC 1070 „RessourcenKulturen“

Project partners: Universidad de Sevilla, Universidad de Huelva, Parco Minero Riotinto, German Archaeological Institute Madrid

Funding volume: approx. 470,000 euros

Bild 79 RessourcenKulturen korr

Project Management: Prof. Dr. Roland Hardenberg (Frobenius Institute at Goethe University)

Project staff: Togzhan Utetileuova, Indhubala Kesavan, Suneet Kumar

Duration: July 2021 - June 2025

Funding: German Research Foundation within the framework of SFB 1070

Cooperation partners: University of Groningen, Netherlands (Prof. Dr. Peter Berger, Ethnology; Prof. Dr. René Cappers, Archaeobotany), Nazarbaev University, Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan (PD Dr. Jeanine Dagyeli), Utkal University (Prof. Dr. Sabita Acharya, Vice-Chancellor), Sharanya Nayak (MA Sociology), WASSAN team group (Dinesh Balam)

Funding volume: approx. 606.000 Euro (four years)

Bild 77 Salvage Crops korrProject management: Prof. Dr. Peter Berger (ethnologist), Prof. Dr. René Cappers (archaeobotanist), both University of Groningen

Project staff: Dr. Sofia (Sonja) Filatova, A. Kumar, N. S. Trivedi

Duration: January 2022 to December 2025

Funding: Dutch Research Foundation (NWO)

Project partners: Prof. Dr. Roland Hardenberg (Frobenius Institute at Goethe University), ActionAid, Sharanya Nayak (MA Sociology), Indian Institute of Millets Research (IIMR), Prof. V. Tonapi (Director), Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi (IITD), Dr. R. Kumar (Sociology & Political Science), Nabakrushna Choudhury Centre for Development Studies (NCDS), Odisha Millet Mission Project, Bhubaneswar, Prof. S. Mishra (Director).

Funding volume: approx. 746,000 Euro (four years)

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