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Paideuma. Journal of Cultural Anthropology is the official publication of the Frobenius Institute at the Goethe University (Frankfurt am Main). Founded in 1938 by Leo Frobenius, edited with support from the Frobenius-Gesellschaft and peer-reviewed, Paideuma is one of the oldest and most renowned anthropological journals in German-speaking countries. In earlier years, Paideuma has published articles on African societies and history, as well as on other regions and topics of general theoretical interest, then a focus on Oceania was added and now it is planned to also include contributions on South and Central Asia.

Paideuma is published annually, with Dietrich Reimer Verlag (from Nov. 2018).

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Roland Hardenberg and Holger Jebens

Holger Jebens

Editorial board
Bettina Beer
Ulrich Braukämper
Vincent Crapanzano
Peter Finke
Maurice Godelier
Chris Gregory
Ernst Halbmayer
Dan Jorgensen
Carola Lentz
Julia Pauli
Martin Sökefeld
Guido Sprenger
Thomas Widlok
Hartmut Zinser

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Previous authors include:
Jan Assmann, Cyril S. Belshaw, Vincent Crapanzano, Mircea Eliade, Mario Erdheim, Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard, Johannes Fabian, Raymond Firth, Maurice Godelier, Andre Gingrich, Stephen Gudeman, Ulf Hannerz, Thomas Hauschild, Robert von Heine-Geldern, Signe Howell, Adolf Ellegard Jensen, Dan Jorgensen, Karl Kerényi, Karl-Heinz Kohl, Fritz Kramer, Adam Kuper, Lamont Lindstrom, Wilhelm Emil Mühlmann, Mark Münzel, Michael Oppitz, Georg Pfeffer, Joel Robbins, Carl August Schmitz, Bernhard Streck, Ivo Strecker, Jan Vansina


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