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Photo Archives

Responsible for the photo archive is Peter Steigerwald. The photo archives mainly consist of photographs taken by researchers, draftsmen / draftswomen and other participants in the various expeditions and research travels between 1904 and the 1980s. The number of photographs is about 60.000, most of them taken on travels to Africa, but there are numerous others from journeys to Australia, Oceania, South America, Europe and Asia.


Reproduction: Peter Steigerwald

Hermann or Else Niggemeyer,

"Bisipara near Phulbani. Kond house and its inhabitants", Odisha, India, 1955/1956 (FoA 28-KB01-34). 


For the most part, the photographs are black and white, and the original negatives form the core of the photo archives. They exist in all sizes between the 35mm frame and the 13x18 cm format, both on film and on glass support.FoA-21-1092 (Reg.-Nr.);Reproduktion: Peter Steigerwald;

Small-format baryta prints of the photographs are assembled in 110 photo catalogs, which provide an insight into the respective journey and the subject of the research. The photos in question can also be searched in the institute's image database.

In addition, there are various photographic secondary holdings, such as a slide collection, which originally Leica mit der Fertigungsnummer 100 000;Geschenk der Leitz-Kamerawerke an Leo Frobenius, 1933;siehe auch: Beitrag in vidom 106, 12/2013;served teaching purposes, donations or acquired material.




Picture in the middle: Archers in Ahiolo (West Seram, Indonesia). Photograph by Albert Hahn, 1937-38 (FoA 21-1092). Shown as a photogram within the photograph: the inhabitant of the Rolleiflex camera housing at the time.

Picture on the end: The Leica with the serial number 100.000, a gift from Leitz Kamerawerke to Leo Frobenius, 1933. Photo: Peter Steigerwald, 2011.


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