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Summer Symposium

The Frobenius Institute's annual Summersymposium offers young scholars based at German-speaking anthropological departments the opportunity to present their latest research related to Social and Cultural Anthropology to a broad audience and to discuss their work with other scholars. Presentations are given as lectures, poster discussions or film screening. The Summersymposium includes a tour of the institue's archives, collections and research activities, and offers a workshop on publishing in the journal Paideuma. The event is funded by the Frobenius Society.
The Summersymposium was first introduced in June 2018, and replaces the long-standing "Frobenius Lecture", last held in summer 2017.

Summer symposium 2024


Past Summer symposiums

Summer symposium 2023

Summer symposium 2022

Summer symposium 2021

The Summer symposium 2020 had to be cancelled due to COVID-19.

Summer symposium 2019

Summer symposium 2018