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Research Award

The funds of the Frobenius Society and the Hahn-Hissink'sche Frobenius Foundation enable the Frobenius Institute for Cultural Anthropological Research to award the annual Frobenius Research Promotion Prize to young researchers.

Professors of anthropology who work or have worked at German-speaking institutes are eligible to submit proposals. Completed, as yet unpublished dissertations in German or English that have been assessed at least "magna cum laude" in the last two years may be nominated.
The quality of the ethnography, the originality of the topic, the clarity of argumentation and structure as well as the linguistic artistry of the work are assessed in the selection process. The young researchers should show through their past and present activities and publications that they have outstanding scientific potential.

The research prize is endowed with 3,000 euros and is awarded annually in a ceremony at the Frankfurt Book Fair. An application can be submitted to the Frobenius Society for publication of the work in the series "Studien zur Kulturkunde".

The selection is made by a scientific committee convened by the Frobenius Institute for Cultural Anthropological Research.


List of previous awardees:


2022: Valerie Nur (Universität Bayreuth)

2021: Willem Church (Luzern)

2020: Lene Faust (Halle-Wittenberg)

2019: Natalie Lang (Göttingen)

2018: Keine Preisvergabe

2017: Valerie Hänsch (Bayreuth)

2016: Matthias Debald (Frankfurt/M.)

2015: Philipp Zehmisch (München)

2014: Mirco Göpfert (Mainz)

2013: Christina Gabbert (Halle/Saale)

2012: Dominik Müller (Frankfurt/M.)

2011: Manuel Roland Rauchholz (Heidelberg)

2010: Laila Prager (Münster)

2009: Martin Zillinger (Tübingen)

2008: Petra Maass (Göttingen)

2007: Henry Kammler (Frankfurt/M.)

2006: Markus Verne (Bayreuth)

2005: Cora Bender (Frankfurt/M.)

2004: Guido Sprenger (Münster/Westf.)

2000: Wolfram Heise (Hannover)

1999: Thomas Reinhardt (Frankfurt/M.)

1998: Erdmute Alber (Bayreuth)

1997: Iris Gareis (München)

1996: Dorothea Schulz (Yale)