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Eindrücke des Keynote-Vortrags bei der ECAS

Unser stellvertretender Direktor Prof. Dr. Mamadou Diawara hat auf der diesjährigen European Conference of African Studies (ECAS) in Köln eine Keynote Lecture gehalten.

Das Programm finden Sie hier.


Making African Futures: Taming copyright

Copyright continues to gain ground, even beyond Europe, its birthplace. From a matter for connoisseurs, originally focused on the publication and distribution of written works, this legal concept extends to the oral domain, and is becoming a subject of economic development more or less imposed by international organisations and by the ex-colonies, which are adopting them. The hunt for 'pirates' is on. Despite the criticism of specialists, the voices of ordinary users, especially from sub-Saharan Africa, are rather rare. The following lines consider the considerable negative impact that copyright law, as a modern institution par excellence, is likely to have on those directly concerned.


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