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The Frobenius Institute for Research in Cultural Anthropology, together with the SFB 1070 of the University of Tübingen, has organized an interdisciplinary workshop from 09.04.-11.04.2024 on the topic “Entangled Economies. Mining and Agriculture from Antiquity to Modern Ages in Southern Spain”.

This workshop dealt with the current state of research on resource cultures at the beginning of the Iron Age and in the modern period in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. In Rio Tinto and the lower Guadalquivir, numerous changes took place and the respective landscapes were transformed by mining and agriculture. Questions that were at the forefront of the workshop were:

- How have the specific resource cultures affected the landscape?
- How has cultural contact shaped mining and agriculture?
- Why has gender not yet played a role in (scientific) discourses on mining and the Phoenicians?
- To what extent do these landscapes still influence identities today, and to what extent are identities and landscapes part of a cultural heritage? Can the cultural heritage in the Cuenca Minera and the lower Guadalquivir be understood as a resource?
- What was/is the relationship between mining and agriculture in the early Iron Age and in modern times?
- Are there alternatives in the use of landscapes? What are the prospects for the future?


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