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Suneet Kumar (MPhil)



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Suneet Kumar has a B.A and M.A. in Social Work at the University of Delhi, India. He then pursued an MPhil in Development Practice at Ambedkar University Delhi, India. For his MPhil research, Suneet worked on the issue of land (indigenous/adivasi perspective of land as ‘spiritual being’ and cultural relevance) and livelihoods amongst ‘Kondhs’ of Odisha in Eastern India. Suneet has also worked as a project assistant at an NGO called ‘Living Farms’ in Odisha, India in promoting and facilitating the alternative agricultural practices amongst ‘Kondhs’ of Odisha. Since August 2021, he has been a junior researcher and PhD student in the DFG Project SFB 1070 ‘Resource Cultures of Rice and Wheat in South and Central Asia: Religious and (agro-)economic dimensions of cereals’ at the Frobenius Institute.


Research Interests

Thematic: anthropology of development, material culture, ResourceCultures, indigenous/Adivasi religion and cosmology

Regional: Odisha, India