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Cezary Szymanski (MA)

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Phone: +49-(0)69-798 32101        
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Cezary Szymanski studied pre- and protohistoric archaeology at Goethe University from 2017 to 2022. In his bachelor’s thesis, he dealt with rock paintings from the Kondoa region in the central part of Tanzania, and in his Master's thesis he produced the first typological-chronological sequence of pottery in the Tumuli area in central-western Senegal. Since July 2022, he has been a research assistant and doctoral student in the DFG Priority Programme "Entangled Africa". The aim of his doctoral thesis is, on the one hand, to establish the ceramic chronology of the Kanem-Borno empire and, on the other hand, to use the characteristic ceramic features to trace its internal and trans-regional contacts. The project focuses on the region of Kanem in the western part of Chad.
In parallel, he has been a staff member of the Roman-Germanic Commission of the German Archaeological Institute with minor interruptions since 2018.


Research interest

archaeology and history of Africa, statistical and quantitative evaluation of material, pottery, rock art
Africa, especially West Africa, Chad, Senegal, but also Tanzania