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Jonah Neuenhaus (MA)

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As a doctoral student, Jonah Neuenhaus has been researching processes of religious conversion and the meaning of religious knowledge in everyday contexts since the end of 2020. He is examining processes of "becoming Bahá'í" in Kyrgyzstan, especially conversions from Islam to the Bahá'í Faith, and local forms of "Being-Bahá'í" in the context of a transnationally organised transmission of religious knowledge. Before that, he studied Ethnology at Goethe-University Frankfurt and earned his MA with a thesis on conversion to the Bahá’í-Faith in Kyrgyzstan. In his Bachelor's thesis, he investigated connections between the transnational administrative order of a global Bahá'í community and practices of transmitting religious knowledge. He has been working as a research associate at the Frobenius-Institute since April 2023.

Main research topics

Thematic focus:
Anthropology of religion, Anthropology of knowledge, Religiosity post-socialism
Regional focus:
Central Asia