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Retreat of the Frobenius Institute 2023

20231208 140153Once again the members of the Frobenius Institute met for a profile conference this year to discuss current projects, plans and research topics at the institute. The conference took place from December 7-8 at the Taunus Tagungs Hotel in Friedrichsdorf, where the evening was spent cooking together in the hotel's event kitchen.

On Thursday, plans for new projects and research were first discussed in the four working groups "Archives, Collections and Specialized History", "Cultural Anthropological Archaeology and Historical Ethnology", "Cosmologies and Religious Practice" and "Economic Dynamics". This was followed by a general exchange on upcoming project proposals. On Friday morning, there was a lively exchange on new forms of collaborative ethnological research and how to implement them and on problems of data management and how this data management relates to the preservation of materials for the archives.

The discussions held during the profile conference are intended to strengthen the Institute's research profile, facilitate collaboration between Institute members and lead to visions for the future taking shape.