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Australian research partners in Frankfurt

Over the past three weeks, our Australian research partners have been visiting us in Frankfurt.

Pete O'Connor and Leah Umbagai from the Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation and Lloyd Nulgit and Rona Charles from the Wilinggin Aboriginal Corporation, together with anthropologist Kim Doohan, have been working with the team from the Frobenius Institute and the Weltkulturen Museum to prepare a new exhibition based on a current research project. The research project focuses on the Frobenius expedition to the Kimberley region of Western Australia in 1938/39. Together with Christina Henneke and Richard Kuba from the Frobenius Institute and Matthias Claudius Hofmann and Isabel Kreuder (Oceania Department, Weltkulturen Museum) they developed new perspectives on the expedition, created first artworks and visited the collections of the museum and the institute. The results of this project will be presented in an exhibition at the Weltkulturen Museum in November 2024.

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Back from left to right: Matthias Claudius Hofmann, Richard Kuba, Lloyd Nulgit, Pete O'Connor
Front from left to right: Isabel Kreuder, Eva Raabe, Kim Doohan, Leah Umbagai, Rona Charles, Christina Henneke