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The Gedeo

Southern Ethiopian Studies at the Frobenius Institute

Jebens nicht alles verstehen COVERJENSEN, Adolf Ellegard (2020)

Münster: Lit Verlag

The ethnography of the Gedeo people of southern Ethiopia by A. E. Jensen goes back to his research in Gedeo in 1955. Following his research, Jensen wrote the present work, which he did not publish. The book follows on from his book In the Land of Gada, published in 1936, which was based on his research in 1934/35 in the same region. It is a classic ethnography divided into the following chapters: The country and its people, social life, the age groups and the dual division, the political order, and religious and spiritual life. The ethnography shows about 25 historical photographs of the archives of the Frobenius Institute and is introduced by a preface by Getachew Senishaw.

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