Working Paper Series on Informal Markets and Trade

ISSN 2510-2826

Working Paper Series Editorial Board

Susanne Fehlings (Frobenius Institute for Research in Cultural Anthropology, Frankfurt a.M., Germany)

Hasan Karrar (Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan)

Ketevan Khutsishvili (Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia)

Hamlet Melkumyan (Inst. of Ethnography & Archeology, National Academy of Sciences of Armenia)

Philippe Rudaz (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Switzerland)

John Schoeberlein (Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan)


Publishers of the working paper series are also happy to consider new submissions, provided the manuscript deals with informal markets and trade, broadly defined. If the manuscript passes initial editorial review, we offer friendly, nonblinded peer review, after which the paper will be published electronically and uploaded to the University of Frankfurt Library website. Authors retain copyright.


• No. 1: Fehlings, Susanne & Hasan Karrar (October 2016): Informal Markets and Trade in the Caucasus and Central Asia: A Preliminary Framework for Field Research. Download Working Paper No.1

• No. 2: Hardenberg, Roland & Susanne Fehlings (December 2016): Informality Reviewed: Everyday Experiences and the Study of Transformational Processes in Central Asia and the Caucasus. Download Working Paper No. 2

• No. 3: Rudaz, Philippe (April 2017): The State of MSME Development in Kyrgyzstan. Download Working Paper No. 3

• No. 4: Karrar, Hasan (May 2017): Do Bazaars Die? Notes on Failure in the Central. Download Working Paper No. 4

• No. 5: Melkumyan, Hamlet (February 2018): Informality, Politics and Mutual Support in Armenian Flee Markets. Download Working Paper No. 5

• No. 6: Khutsishvili, Ketevan (March 2018): Marketplaces: Meeting Places in Border Zones of Georgia. Download Working Paper No. 6

• No. 7: Mussin, Arman (March 2018): Patterns of Informal Trade in Petropavl, Kazakhstan. Download Working Paper No. 7

• No. 8: Taalaibekova, Gulniza (April 2018): The Changing Perception of Trade as “Real” Work: The Unmaking of Soviet Workers at the Vernissage in Armenia. Download Working Paper No. 8

• No. 9: Sarsenbaeva, Aigerim (2018): When a Market Prefers to Be Informal: The Case of Kazakhstani Medical Plants. Download Working Paper No. 9.

• No. 10: Pourtskhvanidze, Zakharia & Tskhvediani, Nanuli (September 2021): Cryptolanguage of Georgian Jewish Merchants. Download Working Paper No. 10

• No. 11: Conrad, Heiko (September 2021): A Road as an Empire: Some Remarks about the Most Important Ancient Periods and Powers of and along the Silk Road. Download Working Paper No. 11.

• No. 12: Melkumyan, Hamlet, Fehlings, Susanne, Karrar, Hasan H. & Philippe Rudaz (December 2021): Bazaar Pathologies: Informality, Independent Businesses, and Covid-19 in the South Caucasus. Download Working Paper No. 12.