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We are happy to welcome Peter Berger und René Cappers as Mercator professors

In the context of the research proeject  „From ‚poor man’s food‘ to ‘nutri-cereals’: On the emergence of a New Millet Assemblage in Odisha, India” we are happy to welcome the anthropologist Peter Berger und the archaeobotanist René Cappers as Mercator Professors. They will stay at the Frobenius Insitute from beginning of Aprile until end of Juin 2023. 

During their stay Professor Berger and Professor Cappers are going to supervise our PhD students, prepare a photo exhibition and work on our photo archive on Middle India. Furthermore, they will participate at a film workshop and present their new publications in a Book Lauch

We warmly welcome our distinguished guests!

 Bild 3 BergerPeter BergerBild 4 cappers 1René Cappers