Photo exhibition "Soltan Meydan"

Probe Basim Ghomorlou PlakatFrom February 6, 2020, the photo exhibition "Soltan Meydan" by Iranian photographer Basim Ghomorlou is on display at the Frobenius Institute. The exhibition shows black and white photos with impressions of everyday life in Soltan Meydan, a village in the province of Razavi-Khorasan in northeastern Iran.

"Soltan Meydan" is part of our gallery at the Frobenius Institute, established in 2018. Among others, photos by visual anthropologist Christer Lindberg and exhibits from the "L'Avant et l'ailleurs. Leo Frobenius et l'art Africain"-exhibition at the research centre of the Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris) have been on display.

Exhibition flyer

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