Dr. Nick Gestrich

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Bild: Mirko Krenzel für die VolkswagenStiftung


Tel.: 0049-(0)69-79833058

Mail: Gestrich[at]em.uni-frankfurt.de

Freigeist-Fellow der VolkswagenStiftung


thematic priorities: Archäologie und Geschichte der sozialen Komplexität, Mündliche Überlieferung/Oral Histories

regional priorities: Westafrika, insbesondere Mali


research projects:

Markadugu: the relationship of urbanism and trade to state power in the Segou region of Mali

Projet Segou (https://www.ucl.ac.uk/archaeology/research/directory/projet_segou_macdonald)

Projet Do (in Kollaboration mit Kevin MacDonald (UCL), Seydou Camara (ISH Bamako) und Daouda Keïta (Université de Bamako))



2004 - 2007 BA(Hons) Archaeology, Durham University

2007-2008 MA Archaeology, UCL Institute of Archaeology, London. Dissertation: "Pottery in time and space at Tongo Maaré Diabal"
Mai 2013 PhD, UCL Institute of Archaeology, London. Titel: "The Archaeology of Social Organisation at Tongo Maaré Diabal" Betreuer: Prof. Kevin MacDonald; Dr. Ulrike Sommer; Dr. Katie Manning. Prüfer: Dr. Bill Sillar; Dr. Sonja Magnavita


professional activities:

2013-14 Honorary Research Associate, UCL Institute of Archaeology, London

2014-15 Teaching Fellow in African Archaeology und Graduate Diploma Tutor am UCL Institute of Archaeology, London

2016- Freigeist-Fellow der VolkswagenStifung am Frobenius-Institut



2015 Freigeist Fellowship der VolkswagenStiftung

2012 Institute of Archaeology Awards Conference Grant

2009 Emslie Horniman Anthropological Scholarship (starred award)

2009 Tweedie Exploration Fellowship

2009 UCL Graduate School Research Grant

2009 Institute of Archaeology Award



Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI)

Society of Africanist Archaeologists (SAFA)



2014 Gestrich, N.: Book review: Sylvain Ozainne; Un Néolithique Ouest-Africain. Journal of African Archaeology 12, 1 (2014), 103-104

2013 Gestrich, N.: The Archaeology of Social Organisation at Tongo Maaré Diabal. Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa 48, 4 (2013)

2013 Gestrich, N.: Book review: Pierre Lemmonier; Mundane Objects: Materiality and non-verbal communication. Papers from the Institute of Archaeology 23, 1 (2013)

2011 Gestrich, N.: Putting a Price on the Past: The Ethics and Economics of Archaeology in the Marketplace - a reply to "What is Public Archaeology?". Present Pasts 3, 2 (2011), 80-82

2011 MacDonald, K., Camara, S., Canos Donnay, S., Gestrich, N.,and Keita, D. : Sorotomo: A forgotten Malian capital? Archaeology International 13 (2011),52-64