New database: Middle-India Archive (MIA)

The Middle-India Archive brings together anthropological and indological research on the Central Indian region.

Karte Indien Niggemeyer Frobenius InstitutFoto: Frobenius-Institut

In the broadest sense, Central India here means the entire territory of the Eastern Ghats.

The database of the Middle-India Archive is a platform for anthropological and indological research on this region. It builds on the activities of two research personalities who have laid the foundations for research in this region: Dr. Hermann Niggemeyer, who worked at the Frobenius Institute in Frankfurt am Main, and Prof. Dr. Georg Pfeffer, who worked at the University of Heidelberg and later at the Free University of Berlin.

The platform is intended to provide information about the various research projects, offer literature references, provide databases for photography, film and material culture, and create a forum for discussion. In the course of time, the Middle-India Archive is intended to develop into a platform for anthropological and indological research in the lowlands of Odisha and in neighboring states (especially Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh).