Issue 66 (2020)


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Berlin: Reimer

ISSN 0078-7809

Volume 66 (2020)

Katja Geisenhainer
Der Kulturhistoriker Paul Leser und seine Verbindung zur Bündischen Jugend und zum SVD-Orden

Magnus Echtler
Power in the house: performing succession in the Nazareth Baptist Church (South Africa)

Michael Goddard
The orthography of identity: losing land and claiming place in Papua New Guinea’s National Capital District

Tim Pöhlmann
Ein erwünschter Staat? Dezentralisierung im urbanen Java als Staatsbildung „von unten“

Frank Heidemann
Funerals of the Badagas in south India: fingerprints of recent history

Natalie Lang
Learning death rituals from scratch: the search for meaning and recognition of Hindus on Réunion


Michaela Haug, Kristina Großmann and Timo Kaartinen
Frontier temporalities: exploring processes of frontierisation, defrontierisation and refrontierisation in Indonesia and Africa

Greg Acciaioli
From subjugation to local sovereignty: the dynamics of frontierisation and defrontierisation in Lindu, Central Sulawesi (Indonesia)

Christian Oesterheld
A past for the future: frontier heritage on the upper Mahakam (East Kalimantan, Indonesia)

Paolo Gaibazzi
Frontiers of externalisation: borders and temporality in the Euro-African zone

Timo Kaartinen
Frontier-making and salvage landscapes in West Kalimantan (Indonesia)


Björn Bertrams
Irene Albers: Der diskrete Charme der Anthropologie. Göttingen 2018

Peter Bolz
H. Glenn Penny: Im Schatten Humboldts. Berlin 2019

Gudrun Bucher
Gerhard Friedrich Müller: Ethnographische Schriften II. Halle 2018

Doug Dalton
Robert Borofsky: An anthropology of anthropology. Kailua 2019

Claus Deimel
Iris Edenheiser und Larissa Förster (Hrsg.): Museumsethnologie. Berlin 2019

Katja Geisenhainer
Holger Jebens (Hrsg.): Nicht alles verstehen. Berlin 2019

Tilo Grätz
Christian Reichel: Mensch-Umwelt-Klimawandel. Bielefeld 2020

Dieter Haller
Christoph Antweiler: Our common denominator. New York und Oxford 2016

Volker Harms
John Sakle: Children of Tamus. Hamburg 2015
Antje Kelm: Muschelgeld und Maskentänze. Hamburg 2018

Thomas Reinhardt
Dmitri M. Bondarenko: African Americans and American Africans. Canon Pyon 2019

Antonio Roselli
Antonio Luigi Palmisano: Antropologia post-globale. San Cesario di Lecce 2017

Sophia Thubauville
Verena Böll et al.: Emperor Haile Selassie I. Halle (Saale): Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology

Nadine Wanono
Luc Pecquet: Jean Rouch, ethnologue et cinéaste. Journal des Africanistes 87 (2018)


Ivo Strecker
Stephen A. Tyler (1932–2020)

Hermann Mückler
Hans Fischer (1932–2019)

Roland Hardenberg und Peter Berger
Georg Pfeffer (1943–2020)

Dirk Bustorf und Alke Dohrmann
Ulrich Braukämper (1944–2018)

Paideuma. Journal of Cultural Anthropology is the official publication of the Frobenius Institute, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, is a peer-reviewed journal and is indexed in Anthropological Index of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Anthropological Literature and Ebsco. It follows the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors and the Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers. Founded in 1938 by Leo Frobenius and edited with support from the Frobenius Society, Paideuma has published articles on African societies and history, as well as on other regions and topics of general theoretical interest. Later a focus on Oceania was added, and now the journal is including contributions on South and Central Asia as well.